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School Council News

Our new school council logo as designed by Ruby Reid, Rang 5

Meet your new school council representatives for 2019/2020.  They are all here to help, both the children and the adults in our school.  If you have any ideas you would like us to discuss please speak to one of the school council representatives.

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School Council News March 2018


The School Council have been very busy ordering new games/toys and DVDs for P4-P7 for wet break. So far we have spent around £650 on board games, art supplies, DVDs and toys. We have £350 left to spend, here is a picture of some of the games we have bought so far.

School Council News February 2017


On Friday 26th January 2018, all of the School Council went to Stormont to learn about the work that politicians do there. First of all, we watched a PowerPoint about the building and all the decisions that are made there. After the PowerPoint, we went into the debating chamber, had a debate and then voted just like the MLAs.


We are delighted to have a budget of £1000, donated by Regal Processing, and we are using it to buy games and DVDs to use during wet breaks and lunches. So far we have spent £200 on our P7 classes and the order should arrive on Friday 2nd February. We are all very excited about this.


We are also working with the Friends of St Francis to have a disco on 16th March 2018.



School Council News December 2017


This year so far we have had three meetings. We have taken ideas from children Year 1 to Year 7. Here are some of our plans for this year.


  1. Get some games/movies for wet break and lunch.

  2. Survey Year 4 and Year 5 children to see if they are happy playing together at lunch-time.

  3. Organise a non-uniform day for charity in term 3- £1 donation

  4. Ask parents to donate books they no longer want to school.

  5. More science lessons.


We surveyed all Year 4 and Year 7 children and found out that most are happy playing together.

We had elections and our new President is Caitlin McConaghy (R7) and our Vice-President is Lily McMenamin (P7).

If any family has any unwanted books, in good condition, we would ask you to send them into the School Council so that we can divide them among our 28 classes. Please leave any books at the school office. Thank-you for helping us.

School Council 2017-2018