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St Francis' Primary School and Bunscoil Naomh Proinsias, Lurgan, Craigavon, County Armagh

Holy Communion Dates

5th Mar 2021

Dear parents & carers…

… and boys and girls from Primary 4.

The parish and school have set the dates for Holy Communion.

We used to be able to have one big collective celebration, but to keep us all safe, we must stick with the current social distancing guidelines imposed by government.  This means each class will have their own special communion mass.  It also will affect the number of people that can attend your special day – only you and your parents.  It will not dilute the occasion as the teachers and I will give you our full attention on that day to make it as special and memorable as possible.  You will go down in the history books as the second year group of children that “made their communion in a lockdown!”  In fact, many of the parents commented last year on how special and intimate the communion celebration was for each class.

The dates:

Sacrament of First Holy Communion 2021

Friday 7th May at 12noon              (R4 Mrs Hoy’s Class)

Saturday 8th May at 12 noon       (Miss Camporese’s class)

Friday 14th May at 12 noon          (Miss Kavanagh’s class)

Saturday 15th May at 12 noon     (Mrs McManus’s class)

As per the arrangements from our recent sacramental celebrations the church and mass will be attended only by the child and their parents.

I will keep in touch to update arrangements if guidance changes for the better.

Miss O’Dowd