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St Francis’ Primary School

Bunscoil Naomh Proinsias

Principal: Mr. A.B. McMorrow

The Honey Pot project.

Our honey bee hive is developing quickly and the inhabitants have been hard at work collecting pollen from all over the area.  Their stocks are building quickly and new bees are hatching every day.  As a result our school orchard will hopefully reap the benefits in the upcoming years by having such a high density of pollinators living so close by.  You may well see some of our new friends buzzing around the new flower beds throughout the community.


Our pupils have planted beds in our school, St Pauls' Church, Davitt Park and the Francis street Petrol station to try and create pollination stations throughout the wider community.  Many of these beds have been sown with quite rare native flowers to try and reintroduce them back into the area.

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