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St Francis’ Primary School

Bunscoil Naomh Proinsias

Principal: Mr. A.B. McMorrow

Duck updates

Our ducks have just celebrated their first birthday and are growing at a fantastic rate.  However, we had some bad news a few weeks ago when our grey duck passed away after eating something toxic.  Mr Patrick Murray and Mr Jerry Scullion the vets in William street treated her but her condition deteriorated and was left paralysed.  The decision was made to put her to sleep.


On Tuesday the 26th of June at 8:00pm we received a special delivery from Ram's Island Farm- two new ducks for our flock.  This brings us up to 5 ducks, 3 females and 2 drakes.  At the minute our new additions are very shy and nervous.  They are having to contend with a new home, new friends (some of whom are being quite bossy) and 825 children.  Over the summer they will settle down and by September we should see more of them!

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